Debunking the Myth- Scrubbing is essential for face only, don’t fall for it

A lot of useless and false information goes around and people tend to fall for them as they don’t dig deeper, that is wrong. One of them is a myth about scrubbing is necessary for face only, not your body. We will be bursting this myth and address the common misconceptions around the same in this blog. We will give you the correct information and hope that these help you.

Many people believe that scrubbing is only necessary for the face but not for your body. This is incorrect, scrubbing as a whole is good. When you scrub the right way, you and your skin

will appreciate the fresh feeling. If misused, then it has other repercussions with irritations and tearing off of the skin, which you will resent. The skin on other parts of the body except your face is more firm and resilient and scrubbing is essential. You have to be gentle while scrubbing your face. 

Even sensitive skin should exfoliate without any stress. Cleansers effect by cleaning out pores of pollutants and dirt, repair the tissues, and tighten the pores. It acts as a mild toner for your whole body by removing the layer of dead skin accumulated and let the cells underneath breathe. This also eliminates bacteria and infections to build up. That is why it is mandatory for scrubbing your whole body.

The Natural Wash(TNW) presents a natural and organic skincare product Oat Cleanse, which is a mild scrub for the entire body. They bring you the perfect cleanse for removing all the dead skin cells from the skin and helps to keep hydration. This oats body scrub helps to undo all the damages done by the lifestyle changes and pollution. It soothes every type of sunburn, tanning, and pigmentation and helps close the open pores of the skin. It works its charm on all skin types especially on oily skin as they have enlarged pores and more particles can accumulate. The excess and unnecessary oils secreting are soaked out by them. With less oil secretion, your acne problems will lessen. It gives a perfect glow to your skin.

Here are 5 Advantages To Use Glycerine For Skin Care

Glycerol or mainly known as Glycerine is of a very dense and viscous consistency liquid that is colorless and odorless. It is a by-product of the soap-making that is used extensively in the beauty and pharmaceutical industry for its many health benefits and later incorporating into the beauty industry for beauty benefits. This element is a highly moisturizing, deeply penetrating the skin cells and hydrate the lost to seal it in.

 Here are 5 advantages:

  1. It acts as a moisturizer by reducing dry areas through hydration. 
  2. It is gentle that reduces acne.
  3. It heals skin cells by repairing them.
  4. It keeps the moistness intact in the cells to look healthier, young, and attractive. 
  5. During winters, the cold winds soak up the skin’s moisture quickly and glycerine seals the moisture in.

Dry skin cells need:

TNW’s Grealmo Face Wash is a unique blend of Almond Oil and Green Tea, Sulphate, and Paraben-free that acts as a detox for your face. It helps with tanning while minimizing the appearance of open pores, eliminates dullness by bringing radiance back to your skin to dive in a single tube of face wash. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E & D which allow it to inhibit anti-oxidation qualities making the skin hydrated the whole time, so it becomes lesser prone to acne. This rejuvenating facewash deeply purifies the skin due to anti-pollution properties; plus is a unisex product that gives benefit to men’s rough skin due to shaving and exposure to dirt and pollution. 

More hydration supply:

TNW’s Avocado Body Lotion is an Ayurvedic body lotion with Avocado, hydrating Vitamin-E, Glycerine, skin-nourishing coconut oil, which not only makes skin soft and supple but repairs it by sealing the moisture into the skin to prevent it from dryness. Its one-push pump technology is keeping you away from the soft skin, which makes the application easy and mess-free. All this hydration formulation will further enhance moisture and keep cracks and dryness at bay. This cream in itself is made for satisfying customers with hydration and glycerine and other oils make it happen. 

Try out these humble glycerine potions mixed with other natural herbs to smoothen skin, take care of cracked heels, and elbows.

Feet care Scrubbing: Enjoy Oat Cleanse Feet care with Scrubbing

Feet are an essential portion of our body, which gets in contact with grime, bacteria, and water in the puddles or gets chapped and flakey that may increase the chances of getting feet infections. Scrubbing is necessary for your whole body and when you scrub the right way, your skin will be fresh. Generally, people don’t care about feet so much, so to have a feet care routine but in this blog, we will talk about very uncomplicated feet care with scrubbing to wash away all the concerns.


Benefits of exfoliating without any stress:

  1. It helps to scrub out the unclogged pores of dirt
  2. Then it tightens the clean pores 
  3. Remove the layer of dead skin
  4. Removes tanning
  5. Let the new cells respire
  6. Eliminates bacteria and infections build up. 

Scrub it all off with TNW:

The skin on other parts of the body, except your face, is more firm and resilient, so you don’t have to be too gentle with your feet scrubbing because scrubbing is essential. TNW presents a natural skincare product Oat Cleanse, which is a mild scrub for the entire body. It is a perfect cleanse for removing all the dead skin cells from the skin and helps to keep hydration. This oats body scrub helps to undo all the damages done by the lifestyle changes and pollution. It soothes every type of sunburn, helps close the open pores of the skin, and helps to lessen tanning. It works its charm on all skin types, especially on oily. The excess and unnecessary sebum secretions are reducing as it has Oats that helps to soak them out. It gives a perfect glow to your skin by bringing out the new skin cells to make you gleam out from within. 

Now, your feet will be like brand new.

Rose Water: Why pure rose water is the best toner ever?

Rose water is infused with the goodness of soaked rose petals. This natural righteous is one of the weightless things, so delicate on your skin, suitable for every skin type. It is one of the most natural toners for balancing and hydrating your skin with the quality of a very good mood enhancer. It doesn’t matter your skin type, you should unmistakably incorporate this product to your daily skincare regime, and in this blog, we talk about why rose water is the best face toner.

Pure rose water is the best toner ever:

Pure rose water is the best toner ever because pure ones don’t contain any traces of chemicals and alcohol. Toner removes any remaining dirt after cleansing and preps the skin for later skincare products. Alcohol-based toners may cause more oils to secrete, which oily skin type refrain from, and if the alcohol concentration is very high, then it may irritate the dry and sensitive skin type. They disturb the pH content which the product is not supposed to, therefore, it is better to use alcohol-free toners.

The pure alcohol-free rose water advantages: 

  1. The antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties help to relax and work as a stress buster.
  2. It has anti-bacterial properties that help to reduce acne.
  3. It hydrates the skin, giving a refreshing look.

Remember to do a patch test before using to avoid allergies from rose, if any.

TNW’s Ayurvedic Pure Rosewater:

TNW’s Steam Distilled Rose water is alcohol and chemical-free, which is the purest form of rose water, prepared from the ancient technique of steam distillation. It has vitamins and antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin’s hydration, boosts the function of collagen, can be used as a face toner for pH balancing, as a makeup remover, and base for TNW face packs mixed with rose water. It comes in a spray bottle, to make it a handy face mist whenever you feel the lack of hydration. 

Ditch alcohol-based toners and avail this pure wholesome rosewater toner.

The purifying Charcoal goodness is brought to you

Recently activated charcoal has gained popularity due to its fine pore cleansing properties, especially for all the oily skin type fellows out there. It is a potential deep exfoliator detox to regain glow to your face. If you are under the oily skin category then it is a must for you to include activated charcoal into your skincare in any form, whether a mask, DIY, or products as they have larger pores that emit more sebum which is responsible for acne problems. TNW did a genius work of turning activated charcoal into a soap bar form for the entire body!


Charcoal goodness in soap bar:


Charcoal Soap


Grab hold of TNW’s handmade Charcoal Soap natural and organic form free of Paraben or Sulfate is a must for oily skin type. It has a special blend of cinnamon, Neem, and the secret ingredient, activated charcoal. Activated Charcoal plays a vital role in purifying the skin by reducing the acne, absorbing the excess oil, and removing all the impurities from it. 


Washing the face with it makes skin free from- pollutants, dirt, and acne while giving a glow to the skin as it unclogs the pores of the skin and removes all the dirt and pollutants from it. It acts as a magnet for skin and pulls off all the impurities from the skin like a magnet thereby allowing it to breathe freely and give it a healing effect. Keep in mind, charcoal does not come from coal but is a lightweight black carbon residue of heating wood in high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. That is why it is very much environment friendly because it gives off very little smoke during production, thus the product in itself is an environmentally beneficial product and TNW is known to produce ayurvedic natural products. You and this company together save the environment.

Olive Oil has more merits than cooking, read on to find out

Olive oil is the liquid fat extracted from pressing the olives, a fruit-bearing trees of Olea europaea, which is a traditional Mediterranean harvest. It consists of up to 83% of Oleic Acid, up to 21% of Linoleic Acid, and up to 20% of Palmitic Acid. Along with this, they are also infused with vitamin K and E, so olive oil is a great friend to your hair and I have been using olive oil on my scalp during this quarantine because what better to do with all this time and not take care of ourselves. In this blog, I will tell you about the lesser-known benefits of olive oil.

Olive Oil 

4 lesser-known merits:


  • Softens your hair- takes out the frizziness and turns brittle hair into soft luscious locks
  •  No split ends- the moisture added to hair through this oil acts as a serum to put an end to split ends.
  •  Stronger- the infusion of multiple vitamins locks the keratin and is the best thing to make your hair stronger and shiny. 
  •  Eliminates itchiness- sebum secretion and build up hampers the scalp but olive oil eliminates irritated scalp.

TNW has olive oil in Black Seed Hair Serum:


Hair Serum

TNW is known for offering the best herbal products with assurance of non- toxic and pure ingredients, consequently bringing its finest production of Black Seed Hair Serum, which is an anti-frizz and natural styling serum. The Hair serum forms a thin layer by safeguarding the hair from further damage by providing nourishment, softness, and moisture that was lost. Along with black seed, it also has Fenugreek seed, almond, olive, argon oil, banana, grape seed, and jojoba oil which are equally healthy and wholesome for your hair. 



TNW has olive oil in Herbal Shampoo:


Herbal Shampoo

The herbal shampoo doesn’t damage the hair, leave it dry or strip essential oils instead, just remove the unwanted material present and are gentle on the hair. TNW’s Herbal Shampoo is Sulphate-free, mild on the scalp and strands, yet cleanses it thoroughly and relieves from several hair problems. This herbal hair cleanser has benefits of many in one single bottle and is enriched with many natural herbs and oils that stimulate growth, strength, reduces dandruff, and hair fall while retaining moisture. 


Olive oil is known to be serving purposes mainly for moisturizing in the hair and skincare routines. 

Why rose water serves as an essential skincare product ?

Every Indian household has a bottle of rose water as it is one of the age-old magic tricks for beauty and a versatile product that has countless uses. With its hydrating and soothing abilities, acting as natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial powers, is what makes rose water essential for skincare products. It doesn’t matter if you have oily, dry, or combination skin, you should definitely add this product to your daily skincare regime, and this blog just got you covered.

Rose Water

Benefits of the blushing rose water:

  • It has antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties, which will help as a mood enhancer and relax you from anxiety.
  • It can reduce skin redness by soothing.
  • It hydrates and moisturizes the skin, giving a refreshed and glowing look.
  • It adds natural glow the skin and brings rosy radiance.
  •  It cleanses the pores and perfectly tones up the skin
  • Its fragrance calms you and de-stress you, which helps to sleep.

Prefer Ayurvedic rose water:

While buying rose water, you must make sure to purchase only 100% pure rose water because pure ones have the distilled water of roses without chemicals. TNW’s Steam Distilled Rose water is alcohol and chemical-free, which is the purest form of rose water, prepared from the ancient technique of steam distillation. It has vitamins and antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin’s hydration, boosts the function of collagen, can be used as a face toner for pH balancing, and base for packs by eliminating impurities and as a makeup remover. It comes in a spray bottle, to make it a handy face mist whenever you feel the lack of hydration.

Swap expensive toners for this budget-friendly toner and save money.

Thus rose water is very safe to use without any risks, except if you are allergic to rose then do a patch test before using.

The Lush Skin Benefits of Green Tea You Need to Avail

Green tea is derived from the shrubs of Camellia sinensis that have not undergone any oxidation processes. Originally, green tea emerged from China and now its huge production has been spread out to Asian countries. In 2737 BC, Emperor Shennong is said to have stopped for some rest and tea during his travels, when a few tea leaves fell into his hot cup of water. Eventually, the water changed its color, which went unnoticed by the emperor. Upon consumption, he found it to be extremely refreshing and requested to prepare the same for him then on. That is how green tea and its other kinds were invented. It went down in history and, thus consumption of tea by brewing started.

The welfare of green tea ranges from promoting weight loss with zero calories included in the prevention of skin cancer as it contains a special ingredient EGCG, which is a catechin that helps cells to reactivate and regenerate, accordingly it is a natural antiaging product. The properties are not only confined to enhance and improve mind and body but to also advance the skin that is why it is often used in beauty products.

Grealmo Face wash

This natural ingredient doesn’t give a hard time to our skin because it detoxifies, takes out impurities and makes the skin fresh, clean, and glowing in no time, especially for dry skin. There is more to add the list like anti-inflammatory properties can reduce redness, dullness, and puffiness of the skin, antibacterial agents treat acne and unclog the pores by killing all the bacteria for toned skin and the Vitamin E hydrates and nourishes the skin. A green tea mask can satisfy your skin in various ways.

BB Cream

A unique blend of Almond Oil and Green Tea in TNW’s Grealmo Face Wash truly allows you to dive into flora in a single tube of face wash. The healing features of its natural and eco-friendly ingredients are quite appealing; all the qualities mentioned above are just at hand. Later apply a coin-sized amount of TNW’s BB Cream with SPF 30 on your face and neck. It boosts moisture within the skin due to the presence of cucumber extraction and Vitamin C and E prevents skin damage.

Benefits of the Wonderful Walnuts based Ayurvedic beauty products

Walnuts are a type of nut of the tress Juglans. Walnuts are enclosed by a hard shell, upon cracking it open we find a brain-shaped replica nut with crunchy and great taste. This dry fruit has guaranteed a fast effect on hair and skin as it is enriched with minerals, vitamins, natural oil, and essential fatty acids like omega 3. Omega 3 fats can lock moisture, keep toxins out from damaging and plump up cells, making skin and hair strong and healthy.

Except for eating, walnuts can help you from the outside of the body too, and in the beauty community, it is used as oils and in scrubs. Walnut will help you get rid of your beauty worries.

Benefits of wonderful walnuts are:

  • Dandruff free- the oil helps to eradicate dandruff along with strengthening and making the hair shiny.
  • Moisturise- it hydrates the skin due to its quick absorption into the cells.
  • Boost hair growth- hydrates the scalp and keeps irritation at bay to increase hair growth and thus hair fall will lessen.
  • Scrubbing- gently scrubbing will instantly make you glow and the skin radiant because it can boost blood circulation.

To avail all these exceptionally good benefits for your body, TNW has two products to offer which will give you results in a hassle-free method and won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

TNW Onion Oil with Ingredients

TNW Onion Hair Oil promotes hair strength, adds volume, minimizes breakage, and gives complete nourishment to the hair follicles and strands by giving smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair. It is non-sticky oil and has a pleasant natural fragrance.

Lip scrub

TNW Lip Lightening Scrub has a mild fruity smell that won’t irritate you. It is an all-natural lip scrub that helps to remove dead skin and tanning from your lips and give you supple and dewy lips. The walnut granules and brown sugar help to exfoliate the lips to uncover brighter lips.

This Combo is the Elixir for your hair

Due to several reasons like pollution, heat, hormonal imbalance, etc., most people suffer hair damage. These days, hair fall is one of the most common hair problems that people face. To end this problem and induce hair growth we end up trying many chemical-based hair products restlessly that may cause further damage to the hair and a big hole in your pocket. Onion is a kitchen ingredient that builds the curry tastier and makes us cry while chopping them. We are past the crying because it can offer us more than that.

TNW brings you an all-natural hair growth spurting oil:

TNW Onion Oil with Ingredients

To reduce hair damage and encourage hair growth, TNW has a hassle-free method to have healthy and long hair. TNW brings you its finest production of Onion Hair Oil with No Mineral Oil & Silicones. Ayurvedic Onion hair oil will help to put an end to all the hair problems and induce hair growth naturally. They offer the best herbal products with assurance of non- toxic and pure ingredients. This is an elixir inside a bottle for your hair.

TNW Onion Hair Oil is rich in vitamin A, C, E & B-complex further promotes hair strength, adds volume, minimizes breakage, and gives complete nourishment to the hair follicles and strands by giving smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair. The presence of Ginger and Flaxseed oil has anti-bacterial properties that reduce dandruff, itching, and takes care of the scalp. Another plus point is it is non-sticky and has a pleasant natural fragrance while using onion juice, you scrunch up your nose and can smell it the whole day.

TNW brings you Paraben-free and Sulphate-free shampoo:

Herbal Shampoo

After using the onion oil, for better results use TNW Herbal Shampoo that gives mild foam, which cleanses the scalp, keeps it moist, reduces the hair fall, and softens the frizzy hair. It is a chemical-free shampoo that has no Paraben and Sulphate, thus it makes less lather than a harmful chemical-based shampoo. It has benefits of shikakai shampoo, hibiscus shampoo, Bhringraj shampoo, Brahmi shampoo, Amla shampoo, and many other natural shampoos. Apply on wet hair and massage it into the scalp.